Any company’s first five years are the long-term success most demanding. Your organization becomes dependent upon the implementation of the policies and processes given to you following the licensing and accreditation process. But as a company owner, we acknowledge that you will need extra support while attempting to do all you need to develop and succeed.

It is not that, but that our home health care consultation program enables you to attain the next level if you have certain questions and require extra assistance. As part of this program, you obtain the following services:

  • Direct help from a clinical specialist who is a domestic health sector expert.
  • Quarterly calls for action plans, quality indicators, trends and results to be discussed.
  • To navigate through any patient care issues or policy and procedural interpretations, you have access to the Nurses on Call function.
  • State renewals and any required updates to the Medicare 855a form if applicable.
  • You will upgrade your policies to any state, federal and body norms for accreditation.
  • We conduct chart audits on site and remotely.
  • Through our relationship with ACHC, we will make a visit to your site with a member of our clinical team or a committed site surveyor.
  • We will help you with any process of recertification or re-accreditation.
  • We provide extra, continuing personal care, private services and hospice services facilities.

Successful Re-accreditation

Once a company has completed its original accreditation, it can become complacent because its instant objective has been attained. In the process of re-accreditation that happens in year three, this often results in severe problems.

When the time comes to re-accredit your accrediting agency, your agency accumulates information for the surveyor for a total of three years. The outcome is a much more intensive re-accreditation study than an original accreditation study.

This will lead to problems during the re-accreditation study if your organization is not always vigilant and compliant.