Frequently Asked Questions

What is UJAT AI SEO Expert - VU Box?

The UJAT artificial intelligence SEO expert is an IoT box you plug into your local network. Once connected to UJAT’s Cloud SEO AI, the Vu Box will work 24/7 to help boost the Google search ranking for your website.

Why should I use AI-powered SEO expert?

There are 644 million active websites in the world. Trying to find a specific page is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Companies invest thousands of dollars in search engine optimization to try and make their site more visible to potential customers. UJAT AI-powered SEO expert – VU Box gives your business the prominence it needs to be found online without expensive consultations or time-consuming processes.

How does the UJAT AI SEO Expert work?
What our UJAT AI machine learning technology does is it automatically produces matched and scored keyword search phrases and results collected from Google Analytics and Webmaster tools. These results are then immediately communicated through automation to other UJAT AI’s and humans alike to start the processes needed to improve targeted local business searches. The goal is to improve both the quantitative and qualitative value of visitors coming to your website. Your UJAT artificial intelligence SEO employee will work relentlessly to help fill your lead funnel pipeline.
How much does the UJAT AI SEO Expert cost?

UJAT AI SEO Expert cost ranges from $39.99/month to $259/year depending on the package you choose. Learn more

What if VU Box doesn’t bring desired results?

If in 90 days You get less than 100% increase in organic search website visits you will get your money back! Just return the VU box and you will get the unused portion of your payment back.