Smart Business Owners Hire In-house AI SEO Experts.

Here's why.

Easier. Cheaper. Effective.

With me – the UJAT AI SEO Expert, you will get more website visitors and more potential clients, you’ll save money and time.

#1 Highly Targeted and Timely
Your UJAT AI SEO Expert plugs into your home or office internet cable connection and uses local search engine tactics to position your business closer to page 1 of Google and other search results.
#2 Mobile Internet is Big
We use our smart phones for everything with more than 60% of all internet searches done from cell phones. Your UJAT AI local SEO expert was built with mobile internet search consumption in mind and will improve mobile business visibility. This means you never miss out on a potential customer.
#3 Great Return on Investment
With local SEO there is little wasted exposure. Your UJAT AI SEO expert works to reach potential customers when they need you — not when they don’t. Local SEO is more efficient, cost-effective and improves visibility of your website where it matters most, your local market. Don’t waste money or time on expensive SEO tools that won’t address your local market.
#4 Make Your Website Relevant
Search engines like Google show their users results that are only relevant to their search term and geographic vicinity. Your UJAT AI SEO Expert works to increase visibility of your company name, address, and number (your “NAP” score). Search engines, in particular Google, will ignore business websites with low NAP scores and will show their user the business website with the higher NAP. Improve your Google search engine NAP visibility by hiring a UJAT AI SEO expert.
#5 Benefits Your Clients
More than 70% of smartphone searches are looking for information on a local business or service. A local UJAT AI SEO campaign works with local search engine data to benefit search engine users by directing them to valuable websites. The mission of your new UJAT AI SEO expert employee is to help search engines like Google represent the value of your services to its users. This means a double win for your business and Google and other search engine users.
#6 Less Guesswork
What would your potential customers search for if they were searching for your services? Hiring a UJAT AI SEO expert takes the guesswork out by reverse engineering your local audience behavior and understanding how your potential customer works. Maybe the keyword ”Companion home care North Dallas”  is too specific for your potential customer. The same way that ”food North Dallas” might be a bit too generic and hard to rank for. Your UJAT AI SEO expert will run hundreds of tests to find the right keyword or phrase for your local business. And if your UJAT AI SEO expert has access to your business website it can make the improvements for you. If not, the UJAT AI SEO will report the required changes to its human, you, and its colleagues.
#7 Prevents You Losing Money
Hiring a local UJAT AI SEO expert is a lowcost but highly efficitent step in the right direction. Our AI SEO expert will take hold of every benefit that a local SEO campaign can offer to your business. And local SEO digital marketing statistics show that 92.7% of all businesses that use inbound marketing (including local SEO) increase lead generation and 42.2% increase conversion of leads to sales.
#8 Reduced Risk
Hiring a full-time artificial intelligence SEO expert to work for your business is less complex. An artificial intelligence doesn’t need healthcare benefits, vacations or workers comp. And at less than $1 dollar a day hiring a UJAT AI SEO expert is less expensive than hiring a local human.  Plus you can fire your AI SEO expert and send them packing without feeling bad about it.
#9 Let Humans do Important Work
Artificial intelligence adds value to your business bottom line. Relying on UJAT AI SEO experts doesn’t replace the talented humans you employ. Instead, the UJAT AI SEO experts do the boring and time consuming work of collecting online data and analyzing it over and over again until the right digital marketing solution is found. UJAT AI SEO experts save your business money. And while some digital marketing improvements can be completed by our artificial intelligence program, it will take the human experts at UJAT or working for your company to implement any complex improvements,
#10 Artificial Intelligence Creates Jobs
According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Advocacy, small businesses have generated 64% of net new jobs over the past 15 years. The success of your local business means more jobs. And hiring a UJAT SEO AI expert to work for you improves your company’s chances of  success and growth. UJAT AI SEO is cost effective, creates online buiness opportunties and does all that for less than .001% of the cost connected to hiring a human employee or outsourcing your SEO digital marketing needs.

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