The Problem

The Solution


Problems are solution waiting to happen. And the origin of our UJAT artificial intelligence solution for local search engine marketing and analysis is no different.

The Problem – Cheap SEO Ineffective – Good SEO Costly

From among all the online digital marketing challenges a small startup faces there are two problems that stand out as obvious and costly to solve. One is getting found online. The second is what it costs to solve the first problem.

Historically, effective local search engine digital marketing is expensive to start and costly to maintain. Why?

Good search engine marketing relies almost exclusively on well trained and dedicated human resources. Those cheap SEO tools and services, you know the ones $69 – $99 a month we all get spammed with and promise the first page on Google. They don’t work and cannot solve the search engine marketing needs of a small local startup. Typically, $99 a month gets you a report on the SEO problems you already knew you had!  Gee thanks. And of course it then costs you even more money to fix those “SEO problems” and keep them fixed.

The most frustrating part for startup business owners in all this is the competition. More established and bigger local competitors typically will outspend a local startup $10:1 on search engine marketing!

Our UJAT SaaS BETA early adopters faced these same problems. So, we decided to build a low cost, long term and effective search engine marketing solution that small local businesses could afford.

The Solution – A Black Box and Artificial Intelligence

Personally, I love black boxes, so the idea of building one and programming it intrigued everyone at UJAT. And we would take a page out of the NASA Mars Rover playbook, we would use off the shelf parts to keep the black box cost low. The real challenge would come when writing a software solution for an artificial intelligence. We needed a low-cost SMART local search engine marketing expert you could hire. Our UJAT artificial employee would work from your startup company’s office or home 24/7 and 365 days a year. The coolest part of having a UJAT AI as your employee and local SEO expert is that AI’s learn from your digital marketing mistakes. UJAT artificial intelligence will get smarter the longer it works and won’t ask for you for a raise or time off. 

So we build a black box, gave it an AI and connected it to a lot of other black boxes and would put them to work for our user.

How We Would Do It

Take something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

First, UJAT engineers took something borrowed and something blue, distributive computing environment [DCE].

DCE is a computing architecture born in the 1990’s that was invented by Big Blue [IBM] and others.  It is the conceptual foundation for the internet of things and all UJAT patent pending products or services. So we borrowed the DCE architecture and would apply it to our network of black boxes.

Second, UJAT took something old, collaborative peer to peer [P2P] architecture for our network of black boxes. With advanced P2P our black boxes become search engine marketing nodes participating in the digital marketing of your small business website. Your UJAT AI SEO expert will talk to other experts sharing both data and work.

Third, UJAT created something new.

We believe the future is in smart devices and software that learns. So we would create a simple machine intelligence and put it into that old style black box. UJAT engineers created an artificial intelligence with OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder. Our UJAT AI SEO is obsessive and compulsive when it comes to our users’ local SEO analysis and marketing.

Fourth, we would give the UJAT AI SEO some limited decision-making abilities. Each UJAT AI SEO black box would be capable of “talking” to the other connected search engine marketing AI’s. Your UJAT AI black box has a singular purpose, local search engine analysis and the marketing of your website.  

We would put all this together for a smart 24/7 local search engine marketing and SEO analyst who work from your office or home for pennies a day. The UJAT AI SEO expert would do at least as good a job as his human counterparts, if not better.

This first BETA Version 1.0 of the UJAT AI SEO VU Box. Great right? Now we had to build it.


Building It

First UJAT engineers needed to develop the recursive learning algorithm(s) that would give our search engine marketing AI the skills needed to manage local SEO analytics and marketing data. But since this is an AI, and it grows smarter when working in the real world. So we gave birth to our SEO expert quickly and made sure it would get smarter the more UJAT clients used it.

Make no mistake we are small, UJAT is a new startup, and self-funded. And yes we have a dedicated but small team of innovative founding members and engineers. We achieved some amazing milestones in the 2 years since UJAT started up, like being profitable in our 1st year and no investors. But building an AI capable of local search engine marketing and having enough computing power to be effective but stay inexpensive was challenging. But here we are, we did it.  And although far from perfect and still subject to the pressures of digital evolution, the UJAT AI SEO Vu Box is now available in limited quantities.

As an early adopter of the UJAT AI SEO VU Box you will be uniquely poised to join the only local search engine website analytics and marketing tool that is a part of the internet of things. At this time we are the  lowest cost and increasingly effective AI solution capable to digitally market your local business.

From Home Healthcare to the World

Now you may ask why did UJAT Care, a home healthcare technology startup, invested the not insignificant time and money to build a black box with an embedded AI engine for local web search analytics and marketing?

It all started in August of 2017 when we began mapping out the architecture of the UJAT. Our Founders’ long term goal was to identify and develop a black box artificial intelligence solution for tel-medicine and monitoring in-home health caregivers. As fate would have it, the journey of the UJAT involved delivering basic online digital resources to home healthcare startup businesses. We were writing code and designing our smart black box while busy building and providing AI-powered company websites, email services, and secure hosting.

It was in October of 2018 that UJAT launched its first BETA version of the UJAT SaaS platform for starting a home health care business, www.ujatcare.com. 

We quickly learned that our users, who are all startup home healthcare businesses, faced stiff local competition online from the larger franchise operators and the older more established competitor websites. Also, these small family-owned startup home care businesses did not have large digital marketing budgets. And local small businesses could not afford traditional search engine marketing services, and that got us thinking.

Let’s build a smart, inexpensive black box and AI to do the search engine analysis and marketing for our users.

It was in May 2019 that UJAT delivered its first real-world prototypes of the UJAT AI SEO Vu Box.

In October of 2019, we decide to offer the first UJAT AI SEO boxes to any interested website owner ready to ramp up their local online search engine marketing. Our production of the UJAT VU Black Boxes remains limited to hand-built units. The artificial intelligence that does the actual search engine marketing and analysis evolves and gets smarter every working day. And what our UJAT AI SEO can do is only limited by the collective imaginations of our users. 

UJAT Care Founders and employees are still dedicated to developing even smarter black boxes and a SaaS platform that will remotely collect, analyze and securely share real-time data with caregivers, doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies including Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA.

But search engine marketing and analysis is something all small business owners need. And the UJAT SEO AI solution can work for everyone.

Authored by
Michael Kapoustin

UJAT Founder